Signs and Seasons
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+ Comments Signs and Seasons - 2009-09-10 23:22:29

Even though the temperature is 90F things are a changing in the mountains. It won't be long now until fall puts on its yearly show.

I took the new Canon SX10 IS out for a spin this evening. It didn't take long for a lot of of my old tricks that I learned back in 2001 with the G2 to come back to me.

I'm really enjoying the Image Stabilization on the SX10 this one was shot at f2.8 1/20 second at iso80 and hand held. I'm going to take my tripod out tomorrow and try some more.

I probably will be shooting with this one for a while since my 40D is going home with my daughter and I'm trading in my old 10D (now broken) for a 50D.