Say Goodnight Gracie
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+ Comments Say Goodnight Gracie - 2009-09-21 20:26:03

If you don't know that line you've missed out a truly wonderful comedy duo. But this is goodnight and goodbye to summer.

This evening's sunset from across the Salt Lake valley. The mountain mid-center is actually an island in the Great Salt Lake but the water is so low there is no reflection even though I'm up pretty high on the Wasatch mountains.

It has been clear and cool all day but just at sun set I could see some clouds developing over the Oquirrh mountains that are on the west side of Salt Lake valley as I descended from my after work trip up the mountain looking for fall colors. It will likely frost in the mountains tonight so maybe that will speed the colors along. I waited an hour for these sunset colors. There was a crescent moon further south that I will post another day a truly beautiful end to summer 2009.