Wearing the Yello
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+ Comments Wearing the Yello - 2008-08-14 20:29:21

The second rider, Blake Caldwell from Garmin-Chipolte, is wearing Yellow tonight after Stage 2 of the tour of Utah. I'm still tracking down who the first rider is. Update - I think the first rider is Darren Lill from BMC Racing team.  He is currently 2nd place overall in the tour.

This is about 1 mile below the top of the 3rd climb in Stage 2 of the Tour of Utah. Today's stage was 85 miles and 10585 feet of climbing and these two riders were the first two up the mountain.

I ducked out of work today for a few hours and had a great time waiting for the riders on top of the mountain, sitting under a tree with a nice breeze and beautiful scenery. It may not be the Tour de France but I had just as much fun.