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+ Comments Hasdestwazi - 2010-05-05 20:09:33

Hasdestwazi in Navajo or Spiral Rock Arches in English, is more commonly known as Lower Antelope Canyon. This is one of my first images after descending in to a crack in the earth to visit a underworld wonderland. For someone with the gift of girth it was a bit of challenge getting in but worth the effort.

I had scheduled a trip to a "Secret" slot canyon on Saturday afternoon but got stood up along with 4 others. It would have been nice to have a canyon that was limited to just 5 people - I would have been the only photographer but it was limited to just an hour in the canyon. Instead I got to spend 3 hours, would have had 4 hours if I hadn't been standing around waiting for the guy who stood us up, wandering through Lower Antelope. They had to chase me out so they could go home.

I returned the next morning and was the first in line to get in since the difference between the light in the morning and afternoon makes it well worth photographing both.

At times in the afternoon I had the canyon to myself for 10-15 minutes at a time what a treat.