Navajo Lake Autumn
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+ Comments Navajo Lake Autumn - 2010-09-20 22:20:46
From my quick weekend trip to southern Utah. Elevation 9200 feet. This used to be called Cloud Lake by the Paiute but got renamed after an altercation between the Navajo and local settlers. This lake sits on a lava bed and is only 25 feet deep. It also doesn't have a normal outlet - which would make it a salt lake but it actually drains from the bottom through the lava and comes out of the side of the mountain. I hiked to that outlet a few weeks ago on the way back from Vegas and will have to post a photo to finish the story. One nice thing about Autumn is you can get some nice images regardless of the time of day if you can get the right angle to capture the colors. This one was at around 10:30 AM.