I'm ready for my close up
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+ Comments I'm ready for my close up - 2011-05-11 22:37:25
I have to go back to work tomorrow and thought I would try to do some more driving so I went out to the Antelope Island this afternoon. Big mistake I should have stayed home and rested the knees. I did manage to capture this Pronghorn Buck in the late afternoon sun as I was zipping around the island to find a spot to shoot the sunset. He was marking his territory with the scent glands (black spots on his cheeks) and eating some spring greens right next to the road. I've never gotten this close to a Pronghorn before and enjoyed the moment. I would have had to switch to my landscape lens to get a full body shot he was that close. So here is your opportunity to see a close up of a Pronghorn Buck. Whoever told me that each day with new knees gets better I would like to get my hands on, it seems like it is two steps forward and one step back on the recovery process. Here is hoping that my sister who followed in my footsteps and had her second knee replaced yesterday has an easier time.