Change of Plans
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+ Comments Change of Plans - 2008-09-20 21:22:14

Yesterday evening was supposed to be the start of the Antelope Island Balloon Stampede.  Unfortunately the wind was blowing over 10 mph so no balloons were available :( 

I got up at 5 this morning to check and the wind and rain showers were already starting so it was another bad day for flying.  But lucky me I got a few more hours of sleep ;)

I did manage to spend some time yesterday looking for some different views from the island than I normally post.

This spot about 650 feet above the current lake level was a beach on the fresh water lake Bonneville around 14,500 years ago.  It is called the Provo level.  It created a wide beach area on the mountains throughout Northern Utah and Southern Idaho and left some interesting tufa (similar to Mono lake) on this ancient shore.  ( I will have to post a picture sometime, I have plenty) 

There are 5 different identified lake levels that can be seen on Antelope Island and lake levels can be charted back over 65,000 years.

In the recent past in geologic terms,  just 15,500 years ago the lake was over 1000 feet deep and covered about 20,000 square miles.  About the size of lake Michigan but deeper.

Because of 10 years of drought in the west the Great Salt Lake is down again as can be seen from this photo, but the lake has had even lower levels then now and evidence suggests that the lake has evaporated and reformed as may as 28 times over the last 3 million years. 

Sorry that I didn't have any balloon images but I haven't finished processing all of last years so you may see some yet ;)