1 Year Old.
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+ Comments 1 Year Old. - 2012-02-14 21:13:49
My right knee is 1 year old today and the left will be a year old next month. Kathi had to remind me tonight that last year I was in a hospital bed celebrating Valentines day. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for the new knees and still wondering why they aren't perfect but that is usually the way most things in life go. I took this shot 4 days ago and I was reminded of how the new knees aren't perfect since I was scrambling among the rocks on this marina breakwater at the Great Salt Lake, going down was not too bad but trying to get back up was a different matter bending the knees enough to get my foot on a rock and then having enough leverage to make the step up was a challenge. Even though I've lived in Utah almost my entire life there are still times when I'm shooting a scene and thinking WOW! This was one of those times.