The Humble Sunflower
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+ Comments The Humble Sunflower - 2008-09-23 21:22:11
A co-worker asked if I had any photos of "those road side sunflowers", we talked for a few minutes about how tough those sunflowers are and that because of the drought there aren't as many this year.   I told her I would look through my photos and see what I had, knowing that I over the years I had taken quite a few photos of those sunflowers.

After a quick look through some of my archives I couldn't find a sunflower image that I liked so I decided to shoot one.  I tried a few shots last night in Little Cottonwood Canyon of some sunflowers I found by the side of the road and they were better but not quite what I wanted.  This evening I made a trip out to Antelope Island to do some shooting and found this composition of sunflowers. 

On a side note, I won't be shooting much for a while the shutter failed on my 364 day old Canon 40D.  I will be calling Canon for service tomorrow.  So I will be without a camera for a while.  I may have to dig out my old Canon G2 point and shoot.  But I'm happy that it is still under warranty at least for another day - so I guess the glass is half full :)

So this one is for you Laurie, I hope you enjoy it.