Playa Patterns
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+ Comments Playa Patterns - 2013-11-12 19:30:13
A dry lake bed or mostly dry lake bed is called a Playa. Wasn't prepared once again. I went to the Island's Visitor Center to check on my display to see what needs restocking and took my camera along and timed my trip for sunset. I was dismayed to see how little water there was in the the lake. The Great Salt Lake is two feet away from its historic low level and there is plenty of lake bottom if you feel like a walk. I didn't have my tripod with me again and I only had sneakers on but I decided to try a lake bed shot. I grabbed my camera and made my way down to the lake bed and started walking. I found a small pool of water and lined up a few shots. If I stood still for very long I was sinking in mud so I had to keep moving about but I managed to get a few shots. If I'd had my tripod and had brought my camera bag from the car with the spare memory cards I would have gotten I a lot more images. It was an amazing sunset with lots of different options for compositions if you didn't mind that sinking feeling. Drove home with bare feet since the shoes were a loss even with all of the stomping I did once I got to pavement to try and get the muck off. Here is one of the last that I managed to capture.