A $25 Camera
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+ Comments A $25 Camera - 2008-09-26 22:02:35
Back in August of 2001 the Canon G2 was Canon's first 4MP camera. I bought mine shortly after 9-11-2001 for $800. It was my first digital camera and my first attempt at any serious photography.

Since my 40D is at Canon Service, I hauled out my 2001 Canon G2. They sell for between $25 and $38 today. Mine is probably worth about $25. If you touch the CF card door it shuts down making it almost impossible to shoot hand held and it has a number of hot pixels.

With the fall colors being in full swing, I just can't bear to not be out shooting. With a bit of a relearning curve over the last two days I found some time to head for the mountains and do some shooting after work this evening.

I found I had to work much slower and take a lot more time getting the exposure and focus correct as well as making sure not to bump the CF card door. I had to relearn how to convert from G2 RAW and dig out some old software to do the conversion to get the best that I could out of the images.

By the time this evening's shoot was over, I had broken my ball head. So I had to not touch the CF card door, hold my ball head on the tripod and still try to get some 1/8 second exposures. I was really wishing I had packed a roll of duct tape along :)

And it was still a wonderful experience! To be out in the mountains shooting in the beautiful golden fall light and colors, how could it be otherwise? I learned all over again that it isn't about the equipment but about the light and the joy of seeing it and how it changes everything it touches. And the joy of trying to capture the light to share with others, to give them a taste of what I see.

To paraphrase a photographer I admire when he was approached by a person who told him that they had been to the same location where he had taken a magnificent photograph and that it didn't look the way that it did in his photograph. He replied "You may have been to the same location but you were there at the wrong time".

I will be more than happy to get my 40D back and get a new tripod and ball head but just maybe if a 25 dollar camera can produce an image like this then maybe all I really need is 10 dollar tripod ;)

Just kidding dear, I really need $3000 to get a new Canon 5D Mark II and another $1500 for a new 400MM lens and $1200 for a carbon fiber tripod and a new titanium ball head.