Layers of Light
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+ Comments Layers of Light - 2008-05-31 22:21:35
Sunset on the Great Salt Lake, from a few weeks ago.  If you look closely you can see the lonely photographer at the edge of the lake.  

The State Park staff has a name for us "The 9 Dollar Sunsetters" it costs 9 dollars to enter the park and cross the causeway.   Of course we are smarter than that and buy an annual park and causeway pass, the sunsets are well worth 9 dollars but there is no reason to throw money away. 

With the price of gas so high I've had to cut back my trips to the island and other photographic outings so I expect to have a lot fewer images to share this summer but maybe I will get caught up on my image processing so perhaps I will be sharing some older images that I haven't gotten around to working on yet.