Sunset at the Marina
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+ Comments Sunset at the Marina - 2008-11-23 00:39:05
I drive by the Antelope Island Marina at least twice each trip to the island but for some reason I don't shoot images of it very often.

Maybe because I'm always a saddened by how low the water is these past 6 years since the drought became entrenched in the mountain west. I've watched the boats disappear from the mooring slips never to return and watched the lake recede from the shore making it almost impossible to boat in this section of the lake.

I learned to sail when I was a young man on some of Utah's fresh waters and I have a fondness for the small sail boats we have around here. To see the few sail boats still left at the marina sitting idle is disheartening.

Anyway I don't take many pictures of the marina and rarely post any that I do take but this one from last May caught my attention this evening and I decided to share the view from the marina at sunset.