Solstice Moon
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+ Comments Solstice Moon - 2008-06-25 21:30:47

The day before actually which is the way it has to be, because of the mountains the moon takes a while to get high enough in the sky to clear them so it is later than it would be in flatter areas and consequentially darker.  To compensate when I'm planning on shooting a moon rise, I plan for the day before a full moon. 

Also because it is higher in the sky the illusion of being larger isn't quite as strong.  In this case the smoke from Calif. wildfires makes up a little for the that by adding some interesting color to the moon rise.

I forgot to check my trunk for my tripod and when I got to the island I didn't have it so I had to shoot this hand held using a pole to steady myself.

The number of boats in the Antelope island marina has been dropping each year as the lake level has been going down.  Can't blame them when it is too low to sail safely but with just hand full of boats it does look a bit bare.