Sego Lilly
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+ Comments Sego Lilly - 2009-07-27 19:34:35

The Sego Lily is the Utah State Flower. You can go years without seeing one. The last time I saw them out at Antelope Island was in 2005 and that was the first time I had seen any in almost ten years.

They grow from a bulb in the ground and only bloom when conditions are right and they all but disappear above ground once the seed is set. The year after the pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley they were very short on food and the Native Americans showed them how to find the bulbs which have been a traditional food of the natives.

This year there was quite a show in late May and early June, because of the wet spring weather. I took this shot in the late afternoon on June 1st just as the sun hit the top of the mountain which created deep shadows but left part of the flower like a cup to collecting sun light.